About us

Who We Are

ARCHIMED is a global investment firm focused on the healthcare industries. We are joining forces with scientists, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors to positively impact companies operating in those fields. We are particularly focused on supporting them in their efforts in internationalization, capacity increase, product range expansion and acquisitions.

Our Company

Our Positioning

We are focused on small-cap and mid-cap growth buyout transactions with companies operating in one of our seven targeted sectors within healthcare.

Our Investments

Through our various fund lines, we invest between 10 million and 1 billion euros in leading companies, always backing the corresponding management teams.

€10M to €1B

investment size.

Through its discretionary funds, ARCHIMED invests between 10 million and 1 billion euros in leading companies.



ARCHIMED’s MedSeg is split into more than 400 sub-sectors which are individually assessed by our sector and Impact teams and consequently prioritized in terms of investment focus.


average annual growth.

Our companies’ topline is growing on average by over 15% per year.


Our Team


Our Impact

Creating Value for Our Companies

We help companies to get better at what they already do in order to build sustainable leaders beyond ARCHIMED’s exit horizon. We hold a strong sense of commitment to our partnering companies.


on average.

ARCHIMED is accelerating companies growth rate by more than 60% compared to pre-ARCHIMED performance.

Creating Value for Our Investors

We provide superior returns to our Fund investors thanks to our focus on some of the most attractive sectors and companies within the healthcare industries.


Top decile perfomers.

All ARCHIMED funds are at least top decile performers compared to all other buyout funds at the global level.

Creating Value for Society

We embed sustainability at all levels. We select the most impactful companies and support the growth of a responsible and sustainable portfolio, through our robust impact investment strategy. All our funds are at the most demanding sustainability levels for their corresponding vintages, ie. either Article 8 or Article 9 of the European Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).



are classified under SFDR Article 8 or 9.

Our EURÊKA Foundation

The EURÊKA Foundation was created at the same time as ARCHIMED. It is supported both financially and through the volunteering actions of our teams.


of ARCHIMED’s profit

from carried interest is returned to the community through the EURÊKA Foundation.