Our Investors

ARCHIMED investors are spread across Europe, North America, APAC, and LATAM. They include all institutional investor categories with and a number of family offices. Through these institutions, ARCHIMED is managing the pensions and savings of people across the globe. The ARCHIMED team takes great pride and responsibility in managing these assets for the good of society. Knowing that strong fund performance could support people’s pensions and savings is a source of motivation, especially when achieved through the enhancement of the healthcare industries, benefiting the same people internationally.


of ARCHIMED investors have systematically shown interest in re-investing,

in successor funds, demonstrating a shared long-term commitment together. Except for internal reasons such as company acquisition.


of ARCHIMED team members invest in our funds

to create a strong incentive and alignment with investors.


Most of ARCHIMED’s investors are institutional investors from Europe, North America, APAC and LATAM. These commitments come from country, state, city or corporation pensions, life insurance subscribers or local citizens (for Sovereign Wealth Funds), compounding ARCHIMED’s sense of purpose: investing in healthcare industries aiming at improving health outcomes for the benefit of the global population, thanks to funds coming from those same people.

Those investors have long-term relationships with ARCHIMED, including expectations beyond return on investment. They look to channel their funds to the healthcare space with an impactful and sustainable approach, to positively contribute to a better world. They expect world-class reporting and a partnership with ARCHIMED’s team, who are often used as an expert advisor in their understanding of the healthcare industries. The informal relationship is equally important, with an open dialogue around co-investment opportunities, investment strategy and ARCHIMED’s future development.


A number of entrepreneurs (or their family offices) are also invested in ARCHIMED funds. This is particularly true for former business partners of ARCHIMED, typically former CEOs, C-level managers and Board Directors, who are keen to invest in ARCHIMED funds following liquidity events for their corresponding companies. They enjoy a strong and long-lasting relationship with the ARCHIMED team, often acting as MedTalents®.