Our Investment Strategy

ARCHIMED invests in the healthcare industries at the global level and more specifically in profitable small and midsize companies. Investments range from ten million to one billion euros. ARCHIMED can buy from and partner with families, founders, managers and Corporates. We can also take companies private or bring them to public markets. Following investments, ARCHIMED typically focuses on growth and business development-related priorities, such as innovation, internationalization, acquisitions or capacity expansion.

€10M to 1B

investment size.

Through its discretionary funds, ARCHIMED invests between 10 million and 1 billion euros in leading companies. This can be split between upfront and follow-on investments. This funding allows for acquisitions as well as R&D, industrial or commercial investments.

€8B - 30B

managed assets.

ARCHIMED’s currently managed funds represent eight billion euros. Since the year 2000, ARCHIMED’s Leadership Team managed and invested in healthcare companies representing an aggregated value above 30 billion euros.


sustainable investment funds.

ARCHIMED’s two most recent funds, MED III and MED Platform II, are classified under the EU SFDR as Article 8+ and Article 9, respectively. As such, the investments carried out within these funds are aligned with our social sustainable investment objective, namely that they support the attainment of at least one of the targets of SDG 3 or 9, and that they directly contribute to our five Health Objectives.


ARCHIMED invests for good by focusing investments on a number of health improvement objectives.

We make sure funds are channeled to the right sectors, companies, entrepreneurs and teams, but also to the right charity actions and research programs, to deliver better health outcomes.


ARCHIMED is investing across the various healthcare industries and is organized accordingly, with 7 prioritized healthcare sectors and their dedicated teams:

Biopharma Products

Consumer Health

Healthcare IT

In Vitro Diagnostics

Life Science Tools & Biologic Services


Pharma Services


Sector Ambassador Interview


Steffen Brand

Pharma Services Sector Ambassador


Through our proprietary market segmentation, we split healthcare industries into sub-sectors.


sector exposure.

Each of our sectors represents between 10% and 30% of our investments, allowing for a healthy diversification of fund exposure.



Our MedSeg is split into more than 400 sub-sectors which are individually assessed by our sector and impact teams and consequently prioritized in terms of investment focus.


health concept.

We believe in the interdependence between human, animal and environmental health: there is only one health.