Return to People


Previous shareholders

of our companies who have reinvested alongside ARCHIMED have made 4.5x return on average from their reinvested amount.


All Management teams

of ARCHIMED portfolio companies are incentivized on value creation through equity-based plans.


All ARCHIMED team members

benefit from carried interest (fund-based long-term incentive plan).

We return fair rewards to all our business partners. We are involved in the value creation process, at all levels.


ARCHIMED is often investing in companies owned by families or founders who need capital or are keen to crystallize value after years (usually decades) of effort and investment. We systematically propose to them a reinvestment alongside ARCHIMED funds and company managers.

This allows for business and cultural continuity as well as alignment of interests. Since ARCHIMED inception, they have reinvested more than one-third of their proceeds, even if not an obligation, since they trust ARCHIMED and management as value-adding shareholders and operators. On average, for companies that were fully exited, these reinvestments delivered more than 4 times returns on investment. Those same families and founders are also often investing in ARCHIMED funds, as a sign of reciprocal trust.


ARCHIMED systematically incentivizes management teams through equity-based packages. Beyond this, ARCHIMED always favors company employee long-term incentive plans when possible and subject to management decisions. This provides collective access to the value created on top of fixed and variable compensations, which is fair and contributes to supporting an entrepreneurial culture.

ARCHIMED’s goal is to create long-term value: we help companies improve at what they already do, building companies beyond ARCHIMED’s exit horizon.


All ARCHIMED team members are part of ARCHIMED Funds’ carry pool since ARCHIMED’s inception. Beyond this, all of us benefit from a personal development plan aiming at progressing people towards their professional objectives. This may involve changes in roles or locations over time if it makes sense for both the individual and the team. This type of flexibility and attention to people development is key to ARCHIMED values.