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ARCHIMED appoints three new operating and strategic partners




The text below is an extract of BOMI Announcement.

Bomi Group is pleased to announce the launch of its 2019-2020 Welfare Plan. This comprehensive and innovative document envisages a system that offers goods and services to those that helped to successfully transfer the company to its new headquarters in Spino d’Adda, in the province of Cremona, as well as several initiatives aimed at improving the wellbeing of workers and their families, by introducing innovative measures regarding their work-life balance.

Although only a pilot scheme in Italy at the moment, there is the plan to implement similar actions across the different regions in the future. It confirms the company’s commitment to sustainability issues, not just those related to the environment, but economic and social sustainability too, placing a particular focus on workers’ health and on creating an inclusive, performing, and innovative work environment.

Several drivers led to the creation of the plan:

Employee centricity
(putting people at the centre of how we operate),

Work-life balance
(promoting a better work-life balance),

(strengthening people’s sense of belonging),

(helping to look after workers’ health and wellbeing),

Accountability & Reliance
(increasing people’s accountability and a sense of being able to rely on the company),

(helping to reduce CO2 emissions going into the air),

(creating happiness).

To read the full text: Bomi Group launches 2019 2020 Welfare Plan