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ARCHIMED completes seventh acquisition for NAMSA, the world leader in Medical Device testing services




The purchase of SUAZIO, a global marketing consultancy specializing in the commercialization of new medical devices will provide immediate cross selling opportunities.

Private equity healthcare specialist, ARCHIMED has funded global Medical Device testing leader NAMSA in its acquisition of SUAZIO. Founded in 2001, with offices in Brussels and Philadelphia, SUAZIO is a global marketing and research consultancy focusing on new, commercial-stage projects in the Medical Device and In Vitro Diagnostics sectors.

SUAZIO’s new partner, Toledo, Ohio-based NAMSA, founded in 1967, is a Contract Research Organization, offering cost-saving, time-efficient outsourcing services for healthcare testing and clinical trials. The group is the world’s largest standalone, end-to-end CRO for the fast-growing Medical Device market, offering consulting, testing and clinical research through every development stage, from conception to global regulatory approval and commercialization.

“SUAZIO gives us a tremendous bench of talent with deep expertise in evaluating and advising on every single aspect of medical device marketing,” says NAMSA CEO, Christophe Berthoux. “It materially scales up our consulting services and gives us an amazing archive of high-quality, real-world data collected over decades, covering everything from efficient design to patient and physician preferences – it’s just a perfect fit for us.”

“This deal takes SUAZIO up multiple levels for winning new contracts, data gathering, and accelerating global growth,” says the company’s founder and CEO, Christophe Van der Linden. Van der Linden has invested a major portion of his sale proceeds back into NAMSA,. Together with his management team he’ll continue to lead SUAZIO’s consultancy services.

“Like all of the add-ons we’ve engineered in partnership with NAMSA, SUAZIO’s purchase will lead to an almost immediate expansion of both entities revenues and profits through cross-selling,” says ARCHIMED Managing Partner André-Michel Ballester. SUAZIO is the seventh add-on acquisition for NAMSA since the group was acquired by ARCHIMED’s MED Platform I fund in September 2020. The Gorski founding family and current and former management contributed to funding the SUAZIO deal and continue to own a substantial equity stake in NAMSA. Since its acquisition by MED Platform I two-and-a-half years ago, NAMSA annual sales have risen two-fold, through sales and product expansion, margin improvement and acquisitions to $340 million. Four of the US-headquartered group’s seven acquisitions were European-based companies.




The fully invested MED Platform I fund and its successor MED Platform II – with two investments executed – partner with growth companies in the European and North American mid-cap healthcare sectors, buying majority stakes for €50 million to €1 billion in association with existing owners and managers. The funds provide platform companies with the strategic, tactical and financial resources they need to broaden product lines and expand into new regions, organically and through acquisitions. MED Platform I closed on commitments of €1.5 billion in 2020 (€1.0 billion excluding co-investment vehicles), then a record for a European-headquartered private equity healthcare group.  With seven platform investments, it is currently valued at two times its cost of investment, making it a top decile performer for all buyout funds launched in 2019, according to Preqin data. Successor MED Platform II is currently the largest healthcare private equity fund ever raised by a European-headquartered group, with over €2.5 billion committed.

“Like all of the add-ons we’ve engineered in partnership with NAMSA, SUAZIO’s purchase will lead to an almost immediate expansion of both entities revenues and profits through cross-selling,”

André-Michel Ballester, ARCHIMED Managing Partner