Our Value Creation


growth rate.

ARCHIMED is accelerating companies growth rate by more than 60% compared to pre-ARCHIMED performance

Creating long-term value is our goal. We help companies improve at what they already do to build sustainable leaders beyond ARCHIMED’s exit horizon. We hold a strong sense of commitment to our partnering companies.


Our investment committee and investment team include former operators from the healthcare industries, who actively contribute to creating the long-term business builder mindset at ARCHIMED. Supporting our companies’ business development is far more important to us than optimizing financial engineering or debt leverage. We back our companies’ leadership teams and are available to help in their business development efforts if and when required.


Healthcare industries are international by nature. Our companies operate in global markets and face global competition. Thanks to ARCHIMED’s global team, presence and experience, we support their internationalization efforts, whether organically or through acquisitions. We help them set up direct salesforce and subsidiaries in the most strategic markets as well as finding distributors elsewhere.

Key Accounts

Thanks to our connections with most of the leading companies and key opinion leaders in the healthcare industries, we facilitate our companies’ access to prospective clients or business partners.

Product / Service Range Expansion

By providing the right capital and strategic support, we help our companies accelerate their product and service range expansion. ARCHIMED has consistently been increasing companies’ R&D and innovation budgets compared to pre-ARCHIMED.

Add-on Acquisitions

ARCHIMED’s network, pipeline, and capabilities are systematically used by our companies to make add-on acquisitions. On average, two acquisitions have been completed by each ARCHIMED company, with some of them completing as many as fifteen.


ARCHIMED helps companies moving to the next ESG stage in order to improve their contribution to society, which also adds to their intrinsic value. All our companies are assessed through a deep dive Impact Assessment conducted by a third party expert. Based on this assessment, an Impact Roadmap with specific KPIs is created, approved at company’s board level and monitored each year through annual follow-up reviews.

Operational Support

When needed, ARCHIMED can provide highly valuable support to companies to overcome regulatory or supply chain challenges, thanks to our network and internal capabilities.


As an impact investor, we are focused on supporting and accelerating portfolio companies’ sustainable transformation – alongside ours.

We select mission-driven companies and engage with them to uphold the highest ethical, environmental, social and governance standards and ensure companies contribute to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Furthermore we bring advice on the definition of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, with clear objectives, assigned responsibilities, concrete Impact roadmaps and dedicated KPI’s.

“ARCHIMED was pivotal to triggering our ESG journey that has brought DIESSE to align its operations and processes to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Moreover, ARCHIMED shared with us the vision to build the DIESSE Biotech Campus, the most advanced and fully sustainable R&D and production biotech plant for the In Vitro Diagnostics in Europe.”

Massimiliano Boggetti