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Igor Petricca

“ARCHIMED develops and supports its companies by improving their assets and go-to-market strategies, most often switching to direct sales over local distributors, to open the door to new markets. This strategic approach not only broadens a company’s market reach but enhances its overall resilience, competitiveness and potential for sustained growth.”


Managing Director

Sector: MedTech

Yuji Kato is a Managing Director at ARCHIMED.

Yuji has over two decades of expertise in the corporate investment sector, including roles such as the Managing Director responsible for Asia Business Development at GE Healthcare, the Head of Japan office at Permira, and the Board Member COO/CIO at a Japanese governmental fund. Yuji also has various growth investment experiences at independent venture capitals. Throughout his tenure in private equity, he has held several board positions, including Sushiro (a restaurant chain) and EMW (a high end beverage distributor).

Before embarking on his investment career, Yuji worked for the Japanese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, OECD (Paris), investment banking at Morgan Stanley (Tokyo) and Merrill Lynch (London).